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Outstanding Employee Satisfaction:
The Spring Meadows Success Story

Spring Meadows offers its residents a quiet, forested location in St. Helens, Oregon. Established in 1994 and managed by CCL since its opening, Spring Meadows has an involved and knowledgeable community-based board of directors. And like many assisted living communities, Spring Meadows needed additional help with improving levels of satisfaction among its employees. Complaints from a few employees followed by a CCL quality review identified opportunities for improvement and suggested further action.

Managing Change and Digging Deeper

CCL worked closely with Spring Meadows' board and other key stakeholders to implement an early retirement and management succession plan that was acceptable to all parties and provided a smooth transition of on-site management. Satisfaction surveys were then conducted using a third party organization to identify more specific areas of improvement using national benchmark data. Employees were then invited to participate in focus group discussions led by CCL to assist with root cause analyses.

Satisfaction Goals Defined and Achieved

When satisfaction surveys were conducted in 2008, the majority of Spring Meadows' employees were dissatisfied with their jobs. Overall satisfaction was about 36 points below other communities surveyed in the U.S. Focus group discussions identified underlying problems with teamwork, communication among staff, career advancement opportunities and job stress. CCL worked with the new Director to develop and implement a plan to address these areas over a six-month period with planned follow-up

Outstanding Results

outstanding results

Measured over the year following our implementation of changes, overall job satisfaction increased dramatically from 41% to 81%. This compares to 80% of employees surveyed in 475 other assisted living communities nationwide. Satisfaction levels also increased in specific "priority action" areas like career support (+ 50%), assistance with job stress (+ 33%), teamwork quality (+ 12%) and staff-to-staff communication (+ 11%).

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