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Why Hire CCL?

Founded in 1989, CCL serves clients located throughout the United States. We pride ourselves in being flexible and able to accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences.

Wealth of Experience The CCL team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas of the senior housing industry, including memory care and special needs.  This includes managing and operating models such as:

  • multi-site
  • independent owners of stand-alone communities
  • private investors
  • non profit organizations
  • rural and urban settings
  • private pay, affordable and mixed income


Improve quality of life for residents  It’s well known that quality of life can vary significantly between supportive housing settings like assisted living. Having spent more than 20 years developing, rolling out, and evaluating programs and activities, we have gained unique insight into what kind of settings and programs are most meaningful and beneficial to residents.

Increase management depth and breadth   CCL brings its owner clients considerable organizational capacity through expertise across multiple domains. With new ventures, our years of experience provide reassurance to lenders, investors and other project sponsors. We can also make certain that management staff are available to fill in for onsite staff in cases of illness, vacation, or a resignation.

Maintain positive community relations  CCL can help you forge and maintain positive and productive relationships with community members, community groups, and local elected officials. 

Gain purchasing power  As a company that makes large purchases on behalf of multiple communities, we have developed excellent relationships and receive favorable pricing from the most important vendors (insurance, supplies, equipment, and maintenance contracts, for example).

Expand marketing and public relations capacity   When you hire CCL to manage your property, you are also gaining access to in-depth audience research, established media relationships, and excellent strategic counsel. CCL has helped dozens of developers and owners to first assess their marketing and public relations needs and then follow through with targeted plans grounded in audience research.

Enhance quality assurance   CCL can manage a rigorous quality assurance program, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your standards are being met. 

Minimize conflicts of interest   Putting many of the operational and financial decisions into the hands of an independent third party (CCL) can protect you from conflict of interest issues. Outside management from CCL creates a layer of protection and a second opinion on how best to serve the residents.

“CCL has done an excellent job for us in preparation and execution of the management plan.”
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