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About CCL

History and Accomplishments

Our history goes back to the 1980s, when CCL’s founders helped develop a completely new model for assisted living. We began by providing technical assistance for states and organizations wanting to develop alternatives to then-existing models. Our accomplishments are varied – from building an impressive client list to creating the first Native American assisted living development in the U.S. More >>

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Concepts In Community Living, Inc. exists to enrich the lives of elders.  We envision supportive communities that elevate the meaning of life, fulfill human needs, and reflect the uniqueness of those served. We demonstrate sincerity and integrity in all our actions and are dedicated to supporting a mutually respectful, open, and gratifying culture. More >>

Our Management Team

Our team is anchored by some of the most influential consultants, researchers, and managers who have worked in the field since 1988. More >>

CCL Clients

Our breadth of expertise means we have a large and varied client base. We advise health plans, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, and have helped hundreds of individual owners and developers to create excellent residences. More>>



“It has been helpful to know the people we are working with on a face to face basis.”
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