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History and Accomplishments

Our History

Our principals were instrumental in developing the “Oregon Model” of assisted living in the early 1980s — supportive housing communities designed to promote privacy, choice, and independence. This model, an alternative to traditional institutional care, is now quite common in Oregon and throughout the United States. CCL is a pioneer in the assisted living field, and our innovations have helped shape best practices and policies industry-wide. Today, CCL is a sought-after consultant to developers, owners, and government agencies across the country.

Our Accomplishments

Originally formed to manage assisted living communities, CCL quickly became an operations and policy consultant to project developers and operators, government agencies and nonprofit organizations concerned about long-term care issues. Over the last two decades, CCL has helped clients research, develop, market, evaluate, and manage hundreds of supportive housing projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. CCL also manages senior housing and long-term care communities on the West Coast. Our accomplishments include:

  • Providing market research studies to over 250 assisted living projects throughout the United States.
  • Consulting on the development of more than 200 projects throughout the country.
  • Maintaining a unique position among development and management companies by providing start-up management services to over 30 assisted living communities.
  • Serving the unique needs of underserved and specialized markets. Projects include:
  • First nonprofit assisted living community in Oregon (Kilchis House in Tillamook)
  • Affordable assisted living for lower income, Spanish speaking residents (Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon in Miami, Florida)
  • First 100 percent affordable, tax credit, assisted living community (Macdonald Residence in Portland)
  • First Native American assisted living development (High Lookee Lodge in Warm Springs)
  • First deaf and deaf-blind assisted living community in the Western United States (Chestnut Lane in Gresham)
  • First nonprofit, 90 percent affordable assisted living in Eastern Arkansas


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