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Our Management Team

karen brown wilsonKeren Brown Wilson, Ph.D., Founder and Senior Advisor

Keren has over 30 years experience in long-term care and supportive housing. She was the principal architect of the Oregon model of assisted living and worked with policymakers in other states looking to replicate it. She founded three assisted living companies, providing development and management services to over 200 projects in numerous states with a focus on the poor and very poor.

She has a broad range of academic and professional expertise, including regulatory analysis, day-to-day operations, and policy development. She has knowledge of both for profit and nonprofit assisted living and has worked with numerous funding sources that include Medicaid, tax credit, state revenue bonds, HUD, and community re-development programs. Keren is a recognized expert on risk and liability management.

Her doctorate degree in Urban Studies is from Portland State University.

Keren holds an Adjunct Professor position with Portland State University’s Institute on Aging. She has served as an advisor to numerous states, the Pan American Health Organization, Canada, and China on housing, assisted living, and long term-care.

Currently Keren is President of the Jessie F Richardson Foundation, a charitable organization working on housing and service issues for very low income and hard-to-serve elders both in the United States and in Central America. She also serves on several local and national boards.

“It has been helpful to know the people we are working with on a face to face basis.”
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